Australia is home to some of the most notorious spiders in the world. Spider deaths are rare, however they are to be avoided. Here is some of the most common that can be found around your home.

RedBack Spider (Latrodectus Hasselti)

Common in Urban Areas, females black (sometimes brown) with an obvious red/orange streak on the abdomen. Females are around 1cm and Males 3-4mm. Redbacks geneally feast on insects which they catch in their sticky tangled webs which attach to ground objects. RedBack bites are serious and medical help should be sought if bitten.

Garden Orb Weaving Spider

Stout, reddish-brown or grey with a leaf shaped pattern on their fat, triangle like abdomens. They sometimes have a white or brown dorsal stripe. They live on flying insects which are caught in their suspended wheel shaped orb webs. Females can grow up to 3cm, while males grow to 2cm. Generally the Spider constructs it’s web in the evenings and take its it down by dawn.

Huntsman Spider (Heterropoda Species)

live in crevices and under bark and rocks. Large and long legs with mostly grey/black banded legs. The body is around 2cm with 15cm. They live generally off insects and are common to visit homes and cars, bites however are uncommon

Daddy Long Legs

Often around homes with its long and thin legs. It eats insects and other spiders. The Spider can grow up to 1cm (10cm including legs)

White-Tailed Spider (Lampona Cylindrata)

Common in southern Australia. Grey Cigar shaped Body with orange/brown banded legs, with a distinct white dot on the abdomen. Females are around 18mm, while males are around 12mm. The whitetail does not create a web, instead hunts about spiders at night

Wolf Spider

Seen in shrubland and Woodlands, often in urban gardens. Mostly a drab brown in appeared with white patterns. The wolf spider in an arthropod with a body of around 1.5cm or 8cm including legs.

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